I'm loving that Heart of Change has stayed on MBAM's GLBT Top Ten List for two weeks in a row (three unconsecutive weeks total since its release March 23rd) and not for the reasons you're probably thinking...sure the personal recognition is exciting...but more importantly this is a huge stride for F-F erotic romance and after struggling for over two years to find a publisher willing to take a chance it is a "L" victory for certain!

I am so thankful Samhain Publishing went out on a limb and accepted this one from me. I am soooo thankful for Laurie Rauch, my editor, who went to bat for me.

I'm in the process of writing another F-F book, and whereas with Heart of Change the lead character was Femme, this second book explores Butch. I've blogged about it here and there, trying to stir up some pre-interest, but as always the hard part is the search for a publisher...and I have my work cut out for me because if straight lesbian fiction is a hard sale, a butch lead with gender-related issues may be a nightmare. Honestly, this is the current book of my heart and I really want it to be read and loved...for me its all about expanding the realm of acceptance in the traditional erotica marketplace.

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