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A definite Roxy Harte must-read, Echo of Redemption is the fourth book in the Chronicles of Surrender series. This installment has all the power, emotion and drama that you have come to expect in this series. 

The characters are three-dimensional and always keep you guessing as to their next course of action. I just loved getting to know Lord Fyre’s brother in this story and I’m sure we’ll learn even more about him in the next installment—or at least one can hope, right? The previous story,Unholy Promises, left me a little uninterested in the brother, but Echo of Redemption brought him back around, gave us more insights and allowed us to develop a curiosity about this character. 

The evolution of Garrett, Kitten and Thomas’s relationship was intriguing as well, and I can’t wait to see where Ms. Harte takes us in the next installment. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Garrett’s Lord Ice…because what we’ve seen so far has merely whetted the appetite of possibilities.

As secondary characters go, we have appearances by Dr. Psycho and Mistress Morgana, both of whom I’m incredibly curious to hear more from. Dr. Psycho hasn’t been a big player in the other books…well, readers haven’t learned much about him personally anyway. He’s been a supporting character mainly; however, in this tale we get to learn more about his private life. And he’s moving quickly up my scale of favorites, have no doubt about that. 

If you haven’t started the Chronicles of Surrender series, I highly recommend it. My biggest complaint is that the stories aren’t longer…and that’s usually a good sign for any story, much less a series. I’m already waiting impatiently for the next in this wonderful series.

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