Isn't Enough Enough?

You know, I try not to be too political on my page...because I write erotica, and erotica is fun, exciting, kinda like real sex but not as messy (I mean I guess you could have non-messy sex but could that really be as much fun as messy sex????? **sorry**tangent**

Anyway, today, I received very distressing news, while I was in the middle of watching Bobby with Beautiful Girl...

The distressing news is this...
I have some friends from my past life, that time when I was married to the ex, and as the ex he got to keep all of the Church-Going-Friends and I got to keep all of the New Age Mostly Pagans who he didn't approve of anyway...but that's another rant...

Anyway, back to the friends from my past life, wonderful couple, Baby-Maker and CopBoy, who attend church every time the doors are open, volunteer rampantly, are amazing wonderful people in the midst of a wonderful crazy life, raising six children, the last time I saw them but Beautiful Girl thinks they had another baby or two since then...

They just received word that CopBoy is being sent to Iraq ... tomorrow.

My response was, "What the FUCK? CopBoy can't go to Iraq he has six children!"
Beautiful Girl answered, "Oh, I know, eight I think, and they said at church yesterday that he's leaving and there's no stopping it because everyone else has been shipped out. Did you know that's he's a policeman in real life, not a soldier, just a reservist.?"

I responded, "He has six babies! Eight, whatever! He can't go..."

Then I asked, "Why is anyone going?"
"Why are we still in Iraq?"
"Is this insane that we are still fighting a war that no one is paying attention to?"

I remember watching the nightly news with my Dad every night when Vietnam was going on...not because he was a patriot, or a supporter of the war, but because he was a passifist, and an avid protester of the war, and wanted to be reminded about what he was protesting about. Then, even in the last days of the war, there was film footage showing the war In Action and Everyone paid attention.

After the news we'd sit and make Anti-War Posters.

You know...
"Make Love, Not War"
"Flower Power"

My brother's bag was packed for Canada, just in case his number came up...My Dad would fill the house with the smoke of incense and meditate on World Peace for hours...That was the atmosphere I grew up in.

So I'm ashamed to say that I haven't created one protest poster against Iraq, and to be honest, for a few weeks folowing 9-11, I was in shock, along with the rest of the nation, so I wasn't so opposed to the idea of getting even...but then the truth started coming out...and I just got mad that our President lied.

But, I still didn't protest...
Now, I'm starting to wonder, and maybe it's only because this lovely couple with six (or eight) children are having their family rippped to pieces by the President's lies...

When do I start protesting?
How do I start?
Would anyone even come to a Peace rally if I staged one?

I wish my Dad was still alive to lead the way, because I really don't know where to begin...but I will begin...and this is today's feeble effort...this blog.

I joined CodePink...
Maybe you will too.


Newly blonde/ hookah said...

We are still on Iraq because we still need to be. The media has changed a lot since coverage of the Vietnam War. Little stories about good things don't make the news anymore, it has to be devastating and evil. My brother is in Aphganistan and has been for a few months now. He is also a reservist, like your friend. I am very proud that he is there. Even though what he is doing is dangerous I believe it is important.

PG Forte said...

Great post! Or, if I may slip into the vernacular of the 60s for a moment, Right On!

I will never understand why some people do not understand the very big, very crucial difference between supporting the troops and supporting the war.

If they give you any shit, send 'em here: http://www.votevets.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=152&Itemid=60

Sending soldiers into battle without proper body armor is not supporting the troops. Exposing them to depleted uranium weapons that are known to cause cancer and birth defects is not supporting the troops. Refusing them adequate health care and/or financial support when they return home wounded is not supporting the troops.

Standing idly by and watching as more and more of them are sent to their deaths when we know we were lied to and continue to be lied to, when we know that these brave men and women are being used and deceived, betrayed by the very people they're trusting their lives to, when we know that they're needlessly, needlessly being sent into danger--that's really not supporting the troops.

So, I salute your decision to get involved. I'll see you on the barricades.