The Prisoner

Okay, so it's Friday...do I hear an alleluia?
Anyway...alcohol is definitely in order...

Recently, we celebrated Sir Hotness birthday ... and what's the perfect gift for not only the guy who already has everything but also the guy I haven't known long enough to know what he would want (yeah, yeah...I know, I married him after dating him 3 months...I should already know everything)

Anyway long story short... he loves wine ... he also knows everything there is to know about wine...like especially how to describe the taste ... jammy, spicy, leggy, complex ... me, I'll tell you if it tastes like chocolate, medicine-y, or dirty ... although the Pinot Noir we drank with dinner was kind of fruity and tart ... he would say it has violet and strawberry notes with an elegant finish...I love that about him:)

and the Pinot Noir, yeah, it was yummy too...

So for his birthday I snuck off to a wine shop with a hundred in my hand planning on asking for assistance and getting the best wine money could buy (or at least my hundred dollar bill)... then the wine seller, female, who was too snooty to give moi the time of day ...except to direct me to the less than ten dollar a bottle Red Truck ... (yeah I like Red Truck...it's good for a dinner at home night) ... but she was all snooty about it and walked away in her four inch leopard print heels (cute shoes...I didn't tell her that)

So I was otherwise left alone in my gold sequined flip flops to cruise the aisles...
I bought a bottle by the label and prayed it was good...just because I love a man in chains:)

The shelf tag described it as...
A fruit forward, ripe berry blend that consists of:
48% Zinfandel
26% Cabernet Sauvignon
14% Syrah
10% Petite Sirah
2% Charbono

The chained man on the label sold me more than the tag... and he doesn't mind blends:)
At the counter it rang up $40.
Not as much as I planned to spend but I refused to ask the lady in leopard print shoes after being snubbed by her... and besides, I wanted to try The Prisoner ...

If you like red blends, you should give it a try ... I highly recommend it

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