Sacred Revelations Review

This is what Claire of Two Lips Reviews had to say about Sacred Revelations...

condensed review...
"...Wow! The second book in Roxy Harte’s Chronicle of Surrender series is just as potently intense as the first. Unique and powerfully erotic in every sense of the word, Sacred Revelations provides an intense reading experience. I was on the edge of my seat from the first page, alternating between being concerned for Celia and being aroused right along with her. The author’s skill with first-person storytelling shines in this beautiful novel of finding who you really are at the hands of another. Garett and Lord Fyre are very different men, but it’s easy to see why Celia is drawn to both of them. While the heavy BDSM nature of this book may not be to every reader’s liking, those who enjoy BDSM themes that don’t shy away from the sometimes brutal nature of the lifestyle will relish every word."

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Rating: Five Lips

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1/4 oz Bailey's Irish cream liqueur
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Xandra Gregory said...

Phoo! I want a blowjob! :P

Congratulations on the review, hon. You deserve it. Your heart really comes through in these books.