Guest Author

I guest authored at Yahoo Group TTABBB (The Truth About Books, Big Hair, and Babe)
today and among their most challenging questions was...

If I could invite 5 people living or dead to dinner who would they be?

1.Mark Twain, I heard he was quite the naughty old codger
2.Johnny Depp, of course I'd have to try to seduce him
3.Julia Butterfly Hill, activist, she was isolated for a year sitting on top of a Redwood...that makes her interesting in my book
4.Paul David Hewson aka Bono of U2, he's outspoken, opinionated, and a philanthropist...in addition to sexy and intelligent;)
5.My own Sir Hotness, because I couldn't imagine not sharing the evening above without his charm and wit for accompaniment...

However, should the above not be available...my backup choices would be:
Hilary Clinton, Madonna, Cher, and Jane Fonda...
all amazing, strong, opinionated women
Let it also be known that Sir Hotness #1 choice for dinner companion was Einstein...yes he really is a Science nerd through and through...but I love him anyway

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