It Doesn't Take Much...

I'm fairly easy to please most days and today was an especially nice day. Why?

1. I got a cortisone shot yesterday...and I am feeling fine today:) After five and a half months of almost non-stop pain, I'm good, really, really good.

2. It rained all day. I know, sounds odd that rain would make me happy, but I had six focused hours on the paranormal WIP: Dead Girl and that was wonderful.

3. I cooked. I know, who knew I even knew how to light the oven? but I secretly do:) Salad, coconut shrimp, seared scallops, and baked potato made me verra happy.

4. I took time for a two hour soak in my Jacuzzi and read...yeah...really...read for FUN!

5. I'm plotting a new erotica...very sexy stuff coming up soon...and new sexy, slightly dirty, okay...I lied..very, very nasty, dirty book I'm primed to write is making me very, very happy.

6. I cashed the latest royalty check and that really made me happy. EDGE is selling as well as Voyeur did and readers are loving it. So, if you haven't read it yet...and you are intrigued by BDSM erotica, breath play, bondage, or knife play...I encourage you to buy it!

7. Ooooo...and I almost forgot, I was asked to review a book written by Bonnie Dee and Laura Bacchi that is soon to be released...more about that soon...but I will say, after reading only the prologue and first chapter...I'm impressed.

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