Is There Truth In Sex?

I was reading a blog post yesterday by Susan Crain-Bakos and it made me remember all of the conversations I've had with men and women over the years...

I really don't think there can ever be real honest to goodness truth between a man and a woman when it comes to sex...hopefully with sexual history and honesty in past, current STD's...but really I don't trust anyone especially when sex is on the agenda.

Think about it:
Does your partner really know who's face, body, etc you are fantasizing about while you are having sex?

Does your partner know the actual number of partners you've had sex with? Honestly?

Does your partner know how many times you masturbate a day? Or how often you travel to porn sites? Or the kinkiest thing you've ever done and with whom? Or exactly how many sex toys you have hidden under the bed?

Or that you have faked an orgasm on occasion...?

Just wondering...

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Taboo&Dratt said...

I have one of the few marriages where my husband knows everything.

He knows that I've never come having sex with him or any man.

He knows the how many and who and what I did with them.

He knows who I'm thinking of when we are doing things. Because I'm normally telling him..he loves it.

The kinkiest things...he was there for...if not involved actively. He's bought most of the sex toys so he knows where they are.

But we do have a unique marriage. I'm not sure that many people could have it.