What One Will Do For Love

Tonight was my daughter's High School Homecoming...last week was filled with days of shopping to find the perfect dress, shoes, jewelry. Today, it was all about the hair, the make-up, the nails. Then the moment arrived and I became chauffer-extraordinaire.

Daughter beaming, incredible with her platinum/black hair, teal very short dress and four inch heels and Beautiful boyfriend, tux, shiny shoes, bearer of awesome corsage...are all ready to go. Houston we have a problem. He left his homecoming ticket in his bedroom. Okay, not a big deal, I u-turn and head for his house except his parents aren't home and the doors to his house are locked. I ask the obvious question, "How easy are the screens to pop?"

Beautiful boy looks at me like I've gone mad. So the next question wasn't asked with as much enthusiasm but more of a let's think this through, "Is there any other way into your house?"

His answer, "There's the dog door."

"Perfect!" I say, "Assuming we're not talking about chihuahua's!"

"Not chihuahua's, big dogs, five big dogs...but I won't fit and I can't ask Beautiful Girl to do that...look at her!"

"I'll do it!" I volunteer.

"Aren't you even going to ask if the big dogs are going to chew your face off?" Beautiful Boy asks.

"I've never met a big dog that didn't love me, " I promise; and thus, Super Mom saved the day by crawling through the doggie door and unlocking the back door so Beautiful Boy could get inside, grab his ticket, and take my daughter, Beautiful Girl, love of my life, to the big dance. Nights just don't get much better than this.


darraghafoster said...

Toys that Cause Pain. Interesting link. I need to go wash my brain out now.

Finished reading Sacred Secrets. Still can't get over the fact the guy kept coffee away from the girl. Bad man. Very bad man.

I'm sure the sequal will be just as punishing. :)

Fabsterrant said...

I so enjoyed your story about the kids that it pained me not to see a respose to it. I so much identified with your discription of your devotion that I felt close to you. Please accept my gratitude for your amazing ability to wretch my emotion and pull from me a desperate attempt to honor you for your matter of factness and true resolve. Fred

Roxy Harte said...

Thanks for the note! Sometimes I do feel a little alone in here! It's nice to know people are stopping by:)