Ready for Folsom 2006?

The countdown to Folsom Street Fair continues as Sunday, September 24th fast approaches!

If you haven't heard about Folsom Street Fair, you are missing out on one of the great joys in life...but then I'm a girl who loves festivals. Mind you, I grew up in rural Ohio where our big entertainment was going to the Pork Festival, the Pretzel Festival, the Pumpkin Festival, the Apple Butter Festival which is about as wild and deviant as it gets as far as public fairs goes.

So imagine my excitement when I grew up and learned that an actual alternative lifestyle celebration actually takes part on the streets! Can you say, "What's the fastest route to SF?" That may be one reason I subconciously chose San Francisco as the home city for my hero and heroine, Garrett and Celia, and their many friends, to make their homes and livelihoods in the series Chronicles of Surrender.

Sadly I won't be attending Folsom this year, but I have friends who will and I am hoping for pictures, lots and lots of pictures! If you go and have a picture to share...send it to me and I will post it!

At the time of this posting, other noteworthy news coming from or about SanFrancisco included...
from Michelle Meyers CNET News.Com
DUBLIN, Calif.--Video blogger and freelance journalist Josh Wolf was on Wednesday given two more days to either turn himself back in to prison or cooperate with a federal grand jury seeking unpublished footage he shot during a protest that turned violent.

Wolf, who said he has no plans to hand over the outtakes from a 2005 San Francisco demonstration against the G8 summit, initially had until Wednesday afternoon to return to the Federal Correctional Institute here, according to an order by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals revoking his bail Monday.

But at the last minute the court gave Wolf, 24, a couple of extra days. That not only allows him to deal with roommate issues, pay bills and downscale his cell phone plan, he said, it gives him time to spread his message about what he sees as an attack on a free and independent press.

No "unpaid journalist" wants to be an "unpaid investigator for law enforcement," Wolf told a pack of reporters who had come to the prison for a press conference and to see him walk through the prison doors. On Aug. 1, Wolf became the first known blogger to be jailed on contempt charges for refusing to cooperate with a grand jury.

San Francisco is hosting their first annual San Francisco Halloween-in-September rally from September 22nd to 25th so if you hear the hornet-like drone of a single speed two-stroke engine don't panic. I just wonder who planned the two event to coincide?

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