I hate Censorship

You know what I hate more than anything...censorship....so when I discovered through a fellow blogger that Storm Large of Rockstar Super Nova is having her personal webpage censored because of a Hollywood Policy...well, I just had to react.
Those who watch Super Nova will remember this conversation from: RockStar: SuperNova

Tommy Lee: "I'd really just like to see more of you. So mabye next time just a little less... stuff. Cool?"

Storm Large: "Tommy?"

Tommy Lee: "What-e?"

Storm Large: "6 letters. G-o-o-g-l-e"

So I did. Here's what I found and what Hollywood no longer wants you to see:

Storm01 Storm02 Storm03 Storm04

Storm05 Storm06 Storm08 Storm09

Storm10 Storm11 Storm12 Storm13

and if you wanted to know what her tattoo is...


Now, I understand why Hollywood doesn't want this seen...a million horney teenage boys could possibly affect the outcome of the contest...maybe. Personally, I really want Delana to win.

And Storm? I'm sure Playboy may offer her a spead after they catch these fab pics...

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