Sacred Secrets Sept 2006 Featured Romance

RTR Featured Erotic Romance Books

Every month RTR will feature a few new erotica books released by various publishers. The books are chosen based on hype, previous releases by the author, originality of topic and general interest. Check some of them out!


September 2006 ~ Liquid Silver

In hopes of discovering the truth behind the private doors of Lewd Larry’s, San Francisco’s world-famous Sex Club, reporter Celia Brentwood has allowed herself to be sold as a slave. For thirty days, she has given up her every want, need, and desire to club owner Garrett Lawrence, but she can never give up her darkest secret.

Garrett Lawrence has a dangerous secret of his own. His former lover’s killer has been stalking him for the past five years, and he’s set his eyes on Garrett’s newest slave. Now everything Garrett has built, everything he knows, is at risk. And it’s only going to get worse once Celia’s secret is revealed.

As Celia lets herself become Garrett’s Kitten—pampered, pleasured, protected—she realizes that thirty days will never be long enough. But thirty days may be all she has.

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DJ said...

Hi Roxy. Thanks for the invite..and putting my link on your site. Your book looks hot...hope you sell a bundle!!

Love ya, D.J. Manly