My Unhealthy Addiction

Okay, for those who know me very well...Tuesday and Wednesday nights are inked out in my dayplanner because of a littl reality show called Rockstar SuperNova. Did I mention this is an addiction?

Addiction with a capital A as in Fucking-A we have Tommy Lee and David Navarro together...need I say more...yummy!

Last night, right after Dalani's performance...lightning hit the transformer and TV zip...technically, it was a total power outage, but hey...who needs lights? That's why the house is full of candles...but the television, comeon, too cruel. I was heartbroken. I'd looked forward to this hour for seven days! (Again, those who know me also know that I pick one television show per week to rot my brain...that's it...one hour...I know, I know, I made an exception with SuperNova and technically it is two hours of television per week...but it is Tommy Lee)
So I'm psyched all day to find out what happened last night...no recap...or barely there itty bitty recap followed by Storm ... gone. I think she may be feeling the effects of sometimes life is so unfair about now. I guess she can always go back to the Balls...actually, her voice solo is very nice, so hopefully we will be hearing Ladylike on the radio soon! Hear her here. I really thought Lucas Rossi was out of there... but no, it was Storm Large. And Tommy, normally the hatchet...couldn't do it...if I wasn't addicted to him before...now, totally.


Lara said...

I thought for sure they were gonna do a double whammy and get rid of both the girls last night... I was surprised that it was just Storm. The producers have really trying to show Dilana in a really bad light, and it's showing in the votes. I'm a Lukas fan, if only cuz he's a hometown boy (and Mr. Pink is pretty sure he went to school with him :) )
Tho, I wouldn't be totally unhappy if Toby won. I do think SN is looking for a big hit, like Pretty Vegas was for INXS last year.

Roxy Harte said...

And I really thought the final four was going to be two girls against two guys...it just seemed to be playing out that way. So last night was a bit of a surprise, but not near as shocking as the release of the Dark Horse!

Roxy Harte said...

Okay, one last thought before I leave this addiction for the night...am I the only one wondering what a menage et troi with Tommy and David would be like??????

My other consideration would be Tommy and Jason (every time I watch the show I get this wild picture in my head of Jason weilding a flogger) so a threesome with these two could also be quite entertaining.

Pleasant dreams