EDGE Review

In the latest newsletter from Just Erotic Romance Reviews, EDGE was reviewed by Amanda Nelson...

Rating: 5 Stars

"Not your usual roses and candy romance, Edge touches on the edges of BDSM that most authors shy away from. Edge not only pushes the limits of the characters, it also pushes the reader into the darker sides of BDSM. The deeper I got into the book, the more I felt entwined with the characters and not only their physical journey but the mental journey Ms. Harte took them on. A word of warning to readers, there are a few scenes of pain that some may find disturbing. I found this book to be a fantastic read and not only was I enthralled with the story, I learned even more about the sadism and masochism lifestyles in the process. The sex between the characters was highly erotic. Whether it was m/f or m/f/m the scenes were very arousing and stimulating. It was written pretty graphically and even a little raunchy in the pillow talk, but it added to the character development. I highly recommend Edge if you are looking for something different to whet your appetite. The story line is so unlike others that I can’t wait to see what else Ms. Harte can conjure up."

For readers unfamiliar with my BDSM/Menage series published at Loose-Id, the first book Voyeur started the story...Edge rounds out its middle...and the yet untitled WIP will wrap up the ending...unless I get permission to keep the series going and I hope my fans reaction (purcahses) will make this series continue to grow:)

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