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I think I need to make Susan my official (unpaid) but dearly loved research assistant...she doesn't realize it but she keeps sending me these great emails and well, one link leads to another and before you know it...I've discovered something I can share here.

I can also share tidbits with the family as we sit around enjoying family dinner. Like tonight following my daughter's recent announcement she was quiting her job because she couldn't stand working one more night with that bitch (co-worker)...I kept telling her the chick just needed to get laid...and tonight I had proof. I think she should laminate it and stick the info next to the time clock...

Anyway here it is:
We’ve all heard it before, whether you work in a Fortune500 company or waited tables at a restaurant. There’s always an uptight guy or girl who’s defensive, paranoid, over-stressed and nitpicky. And someone– maybe you’re too polite– but someone says, “That guy (or girl) soooo needs to get laid.”

Yep, there is scientific proof we're happier and more productive on the job when we're getting regular sex. Read about it here.

Like I said, one link led to another...

Valuable life lesson: If you are going to announce that you masturbate at work, make certain your Twitter name isn't your real name. Case in point as found on MySexProfessor.com

BTW you can follow My Sex Professor on Twitter...you can also follow me on Twitter:)

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