Erotica on hold for Black Lace and Nexus at Virgin

Supposedly, Virgin Books will release a statement about their decision not to add books in the Black Lace and Nexus erotica imprints in 2010 later today. Rumor has been flying since Friday and various posts have been popping up all over but as of Monday, the authors at Black Lace and Nexus had not been formally notified; although Virgin Books' managing director, John Sadler has been quoted as saying: "As part of our strategic planning for 2010 we will be prioritising our rapidly growing non-fiction list and as such have decided not to add to our erotica list for that year."

Now that's getting the cart before the horse a bit.
Especially considering in times of recession people reach for escapism as an outlet, reading and watching more television/movies. Typically, we also boink like bunnies to escape our woes...so maybe this hold on erotica is really a ploy to curb a population explosion over the next few years...

I know...my humor sucks.
This is dreadful news from a major contributor for the erotica industry and I hope it resolves itself soon.

In a sigh of relief for me, this news could explain my rejection letter dated two weeks ago which asked me to submit new material at a later date. (I do hate those rejection letters that begin "I love your style of writing (writing voice etc) however...") especially following a good response to a query + sample letter that earned me a full manuscript request...

Oh well...keep plugging away...US publishers are still acquiring:)

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