Sitting in The Cafe

I sit in the coffee shop thinking about everything I want to blog about...books, movies, politics...I find it hard to focus when my thoughts turn to the books I have yet to write, the projects I have promised ... 2 anthology short stories, 2 full lengths... and the dream book I want to get started on but feel like I have to complete my commitments first ... and wonder, where am I ever going to find the time??

My first answer is to leave the day job I currently have and go to another firm part-time...this is actually in the works and may be the only thing that saves my sanity. So hopefully, if all goes according to plan, I will be able to leave the full time hell-a-thon job that's been taking all my time and energy by the end of the month. the new part time job would begin a full month later, leaving me thirty days of writing bliss in the middle...

The big concern becomes at this point how my new husband will deal with the demented side of his wife who is full fledged WRITING MODE. I don't even want to think about it ... I'm not pleasant ... I drink too much ... I stare into space ALOT ... I write marathon stretches of hours and hours at a time ... and pretty much demand of those around me to just leave me be ...

My kids adjust ... they've seen me in full blown out writer mode before ... Sir Hotness hasn't.

But if I don't write I don't feel complete ... writing is what I do ... it consumes my soul.

Wish me luck as 2007 unfolds because my plans include:

1. Edit Sacred Revelations
2. Write Hallowed Screams (Book 4)
3. Rewrite parts of Unholy Promises (Book 3)

4. Write Demon Lover ... a new project that's been haunting my sleep

5. Finish anthology project #1: Submissive
6. Finish anthology project #2: Date Me, Please!

7. Start the big book ... Wiccan and Out of the Closet

If my marriage survives and my day job plans pan out ... it's gonna be a hell of a year!

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