Lost In The Middle of Nowhere

Dear Friends,

I wish I could say that my absence has been because I've been locked in a closet, tied to the bed, or otherwise indisposed ... but no. I have no Internet at the new house ...

Sad, but true ... we may have moved a bit far off the beaten track to find a peaceful place to commence our new lives as Mr and Mrs Sir Hotness ... However, parts of living in the middle of nowhere is wonderful.
I now have a hawk that lives in the backyard and several rabbits, though I fear the hawk has it in for the rabbit family ... I'm going to try to arrange for peace talks once the weather breaks.
I can see stars in the sky at night and there is no traffic noise.
There are several barking dogs though ... I never see them ... but at night I can hear them in the distance and whether I am annoyed or amused by their constant banter across the fields is anyone's guess and is hugely dependent on my mood...
Ah, and there is a train ... not close ...or at least not too close ... I think, just close enough, because it's whstle sounds like a lullaby at night.

I hope to have a connection soon ... or at least access to a connection that doesn't require driving back into the city ... although the Coffee Shop has lovely atmosphere and good friends (and not for the good friends to take offence but I don't get any work done because WE spend too much time laughing and talking) ...so that I can resume regular posts!

So, I hope that if you are used to popping by the blog every day ... please continue to bear with me and soon I will have things back to normal ... or at least bask to kinky as usual ...

Hugs and Kisses


Lila Dubois said...



*big smacking kiss*

Roxy Harte said...

oooooh!! Pounced on and big smacking kisses!!! ooooh!!! aaahhhh! I'm sooooo excited!!
I've missed YOU too, Lila!!