The View From My Bedroom Window

Sometimes, I feel like I'm dreaming ... I have peace and quiet, a beautiful home, the man of my dreams ... he even loves my dog (the outdoor dog who now loves the man because he's a very lucky INDOOR DOG now...)

Whatever happens next ... DON'T WAKE ME UP ... cause like is so fucking good right now, I can't believe it's actually happening to me... Wow ... I love this man ...


Lila Dubois said...


I'm so glad you are so happy.

crowwoman / rhian said...

Glad everyting is so wonderful Roxy! We do miss you. I think the one thing missing in your life is internet access.... yup, that's definitely missing.
Don't worry though - Lila is out there stirring up trouble and slapping your name all over it. Keeping the Roxy mystique alive. Heh.