Kittens Arrived on My Doorstep

The sad news is... Blackie is still missing and we have assumed journeyed beyond the veil. It saddens me that I will never spend another midnight stroll with him at my heels...but I had fifteen years with his generous loving soul and I am a better person because he was in my life.

And then a strange thing happened this week. Wednesday night at 10pm my hubbie came in and said, "Blackie's reincarnation is in the garage." At first I thought Blackie had come home and I was so excited...but then I realized it was a very small black kitten.

After much hissing and biting hubby's hand (through leather gloves) my bleeding, cussing hubby has rescued the baby. Whew, right? on further investigation there are four more just like him and we looked like rodeo clowns trying to corner a bull as we chased them around the house trying to round them all up. Three and a half hours later, we rescued four kittens.

 My fear is our girl calico lured them home with her for new playmates since she was the instigator in bringing the first little kitten inside the garage and she's missed Blackie terribly.

A horrible thought is that someone intentionally abandoned them...
Or that their mother was injured or worse...

They're safe now.

If I could attract money as easily as strays I'd be a rich woman, as it is I'm wealthy in love...

here they are:) 
Three black and one ginger...
We haven't named them yet but the first kitty to the left is temporarily being called Cujo, because even though I am holding him bare handed in this photo, it was the first and only time I was able to do so...I think he was in shock...now it takes leather gloves and nerves of steel. I know that slowly but surely he will learn to love me...just as Blackie did

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