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Another review for Survival Instinct. This one by Fallen Angels
Brian Van Zant had thought that the worst that could happen had already occurred. He had discovered that his twin brother and his husband were sleeping together, a fact that left him wounded and broken hearted. But when the two are killed in a car accident only days after their perfidy is discovered Brian is left with the feelings of betrayal, loss, and heartbreak over losing the two people he loved most in the world. Now he's running away from home, running with no destination in mind, only the desire to escape and begin anew. 

Park Ranger Tobias Red Hawk is in the closet and believes that he will stay there. After all, the one time he tried to step out he had his heart trampled upon. But when Hawk rescues a hypothermic Brian off the side of the mountain he finds himself unable to deny the feelings the man brings out in him. 

But fate isn't finished with the two men. Hawk's past has returned and is somehow connected to mysterious lights that appear on Bitteroot Mountain. A past that could put an end to Hawk's future if the men aren't careful. 

What begins as a tragedy ends as a story of survival and growth. Brian has had one heck of a rough time lately and it's understandable that at times he's not exactly rational. Hawk is a pillar of strength, loyalty, and raw sexuality that is exactly what Brian needs to heal and become the man he is meant to be. The betrayals that sent Brian out onto that road and into the arms of Hawk were so heart wrenching that I had to stop and catch my breath at the horror of it. That the two people that should have loved Brian the most were the perpetrators of this crime made it even more emotionally wrenching. Then to have them die before any closure could be reached left a gaping hole that Brian was still struggling to climb out of, and without meeting Hawk he may never have made the attempt. Hawk was a real treat as a man that is out to himself but not to those around him. The subplot of the lights in the night sky gave a little splash of mystery and danger to make this tale even more enjoyable.

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