Shower Scene

The Shower Scene that almost happened...leaving me somehow less than completely satisfied:

Bill: May I use your shower? 
Sam: Of course. There’s, uh, plenty of towels in the bathroom.
Bill: If you could spare a shirt, I’d be much obliged.
Sam: I— I really didn’t pack anything. It’s kind of an impromptu road trip I’m on. But you could— You could have the shirt off my back if you want it.
Bill: I’ll take what I can get.
Bill: Nice.
Sam: Right. (takes shirt off)
Sam: Well, thank you.
Bill: I’ll take that shower now.
Sam: Mm-hm.
Bill: Unless you’d care to join me.
Sam: Yeah. I think I would.
Bill: Good. We’re gonna have a nice time. I hear the water in Arkansas is very hard.
< Phone Rings, Sam looks to it >
Bill: Come. Don’t answer that.
Sam: Okay.

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