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Don't forget Sacred Secret releases in ebook Sept 7!

Lyrical Press posted an author interview with me on their site. Here it is...

Latest Writing News:

Looking forward to several new releases over the next few months and especially the rerelease of The Chronicles of Surrender which will be available both digitally and in print from Lyrical Press!

Favorite part of being an author:

Having an excuse to daydream and create alternate realities in my mind.

Typical day in the life of the author:

The perfect day begins with a new idea that leads to pages and pages of new material on a current or future work (I try to write a minimum of 1K per day but am very happy when magic happens and 5K rolls out easily; followed by hours of revisions or edits. I try to have six to eight hours of focused writing per week day. Weekends, I general take a break to spend time with my family, unless I have a pending deadline.

How old were you when you wrote your first story, and what was it about:

I was writing Star Trek fanfiction by the time I was eleven, poetry throughout high school, and then a long break during which life was so complicated I only had time to journal. I started writing seriously in 1996 when I wrote my first novel "Invisible Knight" a historical romance never published and which few have read.

What are you working on right now:

Current writing includes several books I am juggling around: three paranormals, yet to be titled, and three bdsm eroticas: Echo of Redemption, Vow of Silence, and Lovers.

Most powerful/memorable thing that ever inspired you to write:

I began writing as an emotional respite from caring for both of my terminally ill parents. Writing has always been my therapy.

Strangest thing that ever inspired you to write:

A soccer match led to a very erotic, very muddy scene in Unholy Promises.

Favorite place to write:

Curled up on the couch with my laptop

Any writing rituals/superstitions?:

I keep a notepad by my bed because my best ideas occur in the moment between sleep and wakefulness.

Strangest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research:

Talked myself into climbing into a shark cage. Maybe not strange, definitely terrifying.

Funnest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research:

Asked my hubby to help me figure out if a particular sex position was possible if both participants had their jeans only as far as their knees and fell off the back of the sofa in the process of experimentation ... well, it was funny at the time.

Favorite scene(s) in LPI titles:

Auction scene in Sacred Secrets

When was the last time you laughed at yourself, and why?:

two days ago, my husband pointed out how identical my daughter and I are ... we tend to trip over our own feet constantly.

Three favorite words:

love, desire, passion

What are you reading right now?:

Jim Butcher's Dresden File series

Three summer reading essentials:

Dragonfly in Amber, Diana Gabaldon

Favorite summer pastimes:

gardening, hiking, bird-watching

Favorite hobby:


Favorite online timesink(s):

Facebook apps

Advice to authors seeking publication:

Write every day, refine your craft, study grammar, study the publishing houses you wish to submit to.

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