Writing Hard and Fast...well maybe not so fast

I'm working on two WIP's simutaneously...push hard on one for a day, then switch to the other.
One is at 80k on it's way to 100k (maybe 120k)

The other is only at 25k but its endpoint is 55k...

Next week I will have grandbabies for an entire week of summer at grandma's house fun so I feel like I really have to work hard this week to get my WIP's in order. I want to have the first submitted by the end of August and the second by the end of September...

So, if I don't reply to my emails or show up on Twitter, or Facebook, or any of those other places you have grown used to seeing me...that's why...

If you call me and I don't call you back...that's why

So, wish me luck and maybe I'll have a new batch of cover art for you soon:)

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