A Day Off!

Today is the first day off I've had in months...seriously...and I'm clueless as to what to do with it. Normally, I would write but it's a beautiful day and writing can wait until after the sun goes down.

Last night I contemplated driving into the Smokey Mountains which is only a four and half hour drive, nothing compared to the already long day I'd put behind the wheel of my car on the day job...but I would only have today and it seemed like a really silly thing to do to only get to stay for a few morning hours....but the lure to be outside under the trees surrounded by nature was that great and with laptop in tow, I might have actually swept a way a few cobwebs surrounding the continuing saga of Garrett and Celia in book 2. Goddess knows I'm getting nothing accomplished here.

Maybe today I'll walk in the woods. I have a favorite thinking place and it involves a several mile loop around a copse of three trees known as the Sisters in these parts because they are supposedly all that remains of three sisters who were known for practicing witchcraft a long time ago. Whether folklore or something else, I find peace there...and I need time and nature to think.

I've narrowed it down that the writing blockage in my head is in direct relationship to the walls I've put up inside myself. Garrett and Celia's happily ever after is supposed to close the last chapter of Book2 but I'm not feeling very happily ever after...or up until today had totally given up on all thought of its existence at all. A friend called me jaded. Yeah. That and more.

Today, I'm feeling a little less jaded though still not up to facing Celia and Garrett's HEA...

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