Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

I remember when every girl dreamed of a left hand diamond ring...and all that supposedly went with it: handsome man, picket fence, two point five children and happily ever after. ..
A story was reported by Elizabeth Boswell in Reuters yesterday about a giant Diamond Selling for More Than $12 Million and it wasn't the glitzy gem or the story about the underpaid female diamond miner who was so excited about finding the gem who's probably wishing she worked on commission right now...but a small sentence in the middle of the article : "Growing affluence has boosted sales and busy shopping streets such as London's Bond Street are awash with jewellers and luxury goods stores offering right-hand diamond rings for well-heeled women."

Yes, ladies, it's becoming all about the right hand diamonds that we're buying for ourselves...and to be honest, for a long time now--since my divorce--it's been on my list of extravagant purchases to buy for myself. The article made me ask myself a few questions...namely why?

And that little question made me realize the answer is either empowering or fatalistic...

E1.) I pay my own bills, I can buy my own diamond damn it, cause yeah, I'm worth it...
F1.) Mr. Happily Ever After? (I won't go down this path...my brain is rolling around laughing hysterically that I even typed the words mister and happy in the same title)

I'm going to go window shopping now for my future right hand diamond ring...maybe something like this one:

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