Sacred Secrets Excerpt

“Trust me, Kitten?” I whisper, so that none but she hears.
My heart swells with even more tenderness when she nods. Then she realizes her mistake, such a slight mistake, and brushes her cheek against mine—twice. One of my men in black steps forward to take her from me, but I shake my head no. Any other owner wouldn’t be given the same privilege and, for the first time in my life, I am using the ace up my sleeve. I own the place, damn it, it’s my right.
I feel her muscles tense in my arms.
“Sh-h, it’s all right, Kitten. Trust me.”
The clear glass isolation sphere is directly in front of me.
God, I hate this; I have never been good with isolation. It is one of the worst things I was forced to endure
during my training. Too much time to think. Too much time to self-analyze. Too much
time to worry about the what next.
I stand Kitten in the center, she is trembling. Fear in this case is good. It will help her understand the importance of obedience here, especially here, where the games can get very, very rough for the one that regularly disobeys. I try to convince myself that this is for the good of the slave, to protect her from herself, to protect her from us. The us in this case being the other Doms. A disobedient slave is what gives spice to an otherwise monotonous routine. Routine is the Doms’ hell in a place such as this.
I secure her feet with the ankle cuffs. I slide my hands up the length of her beautiful legs, I can’t help myself. She is so beautiful. I raise her arms one at a time and secure them in the wrist cuffs. My fingers swirl around the tender skin of her wrists before I lock the cuffs in place. Cuffs not made for comfort, but stainless steel for punishment. She stands spread eagle and such a beautiful sight. Naked beneath the fishnet, exposed, yet fully clothed. I flip the switch that floods light from both top and bottom and she sees herself for the first time in the mirrored glass that will surround her. She can’t see out, but everyone else can see in. She is embarrassed already by what she sees and a silent tear slides down her face. I lean forward to kiss it away, whispering against her face, “No tears Kitten, no smeared makeup, no runny nose. I’m here with you, even when you can’t see me, know that I am here with you.”

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