Yeah, I know, Self-Googling sounds pretty naughty, right?
So try it sometime! You'll be amazed at what pops up

Okay, call me adventurous...
I googled myself, no lie,
Roxy Harte gets googled

The funny thing is not the expected part
Sacred Secrets and/or combos of name,
title, publisher come up in the Top 6 places

But that about page 3 there was a RANDOM link leading to a noir
electronic band by the name
guessing--entire site is in German, although if
I'm wrong and someone reading this knows for sure, comment please,
cause I'm totally in love here + so wishing I knew German right now)

Sure, I'm a fan of electronica, not gonna deny it
But when I click on a RANDOM mpg file titled "CLOISTER"
and the words are something along the lines of...
and this is not a direct quote...so if ya wanna hear it
yourself you have to click the hot link...

Okay, I'll be the first to admit it--words turn me on.
Words leading to BDSM thoughts, double ditto

So if Bahr: Neumann needs a groupie...I'm there...I mean, at this
point I'm delusional cause he's gotta be singing about my blue eyes right?

...and as far as the Cloister part...yeah, I'm there
So, moral of this story: Google Yourself!
If I hadn't Googled Roxy Harte I would have never heard "Cloister!"
Or became a new fan of Bahr: Nueman. How's that for synchronicity?

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