Tornado Anyone?

When my cell phone rang, the last words I wanted to hear on the other side of the conversation was my daughter saying, "Mom, don't panic."

Okay, what's the first thing I'm going to do when someone tells me not to panic?
Heart in throat, my entire being went still...right before I demanded,"What happened?"

The good news was my daughter was safe and indoors, the bad news was the neighbors house off its foundation, the other neighbors roof gone, a third neighbors privacy fence tangled in the powerline, still twenty feet above ground in our front yard. And in the yard ten feet away...the 20'x20' solid metal I-beam and sheetmetal roof from a barn several hundred yards away.

And me...miles from home.

Driving fast, pounding rain, storm sirens going off town after town after town, I couldn't get home fast enough...but I did get home and everyone's fine.

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