The Summer of 1996 - Sacred Secrets

Twenty Summers Ago, Celia started a conversation in my head...

...that makes this year, 2016, a very special year.

               HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

Shouldn't I get a gold watch or something?

Celebrating my twenty year anniversary should not feel so melancholy... but it does...so I am writing this post in Courier font as all mailed manuscripts were ... back in the day.

Then holy moly... along came ebooks... and writer's brave enough to embark on such a terrifying and dangerous path were not only discouraged but disdained by the establishment. An e-book on one's resume would be a career ender.  


        Roxy Harte is still here, still writing erotica, and still publishing e-books

                                                                                                           (and several print)

Meet Celia, aka Kitten



                         aka Lost Kitten

  Reward: Contact Garrett Lawrence if Found

Meet Celia...my very first submissive...starring in SACRED SECRETS, a Chronicle of Surrender. Introverted, a journalist who hid behind frumpy clothes, and collected antiques, she was perfect to go undercover to provider her readers an insider's look at the wild world of BDSM and San Francisco's most scintillating night club: Lewd Larry's. She may have gotten more than she bargained for when the owner, Garrett Lawrence ie Lewd Larry, bought her at a BDSM fundraising auction and turned her into the most Notorious Kitten in San Francisco...

I'm going to be honest, this has been one of the hardest blog posts I've ever written. An anniversary shouldn't make me cry...

The Chronicles of Surrender number six published books, and a few not written because I saw the way the wind was blowing with the publisher who currently holds my publication rights. Friends told me I was crazy to use said publisher... but I had just been diagnosed with RA and I was too sick and too tired to do more research...and so I leapt blindly and now have a lesson learned the hard way to my credit...

I will not advertise or even encourage anyone to buy the e-books from their current publisher; 
As a matter of fact I would beg you to not buy any form of the e-book.  Buy the print versions...yes, they're expensive... they've become collector editions of a short run BDSM classic. Or contact me and I will see if I can find you a copy in print.

I've been told I have to wait out my contract. I'm looking for a literary lawyer, if you know a good one, please, send them my way. Because although I have stood behind this publisher, and championed them even when everyone else was ready to hurl them under the bus, my loyalty has not been rewarded, and why should I continue to hold them in esteem when my emails are answered by an auto-reply that states they're overwhelmed. They don't know the meaning of the word.

My melancholy and disenchantment is not because I have a publisher selling my books, yet refusing to pay my royalties; money has never motivated me. I am sad because today, the day I should be celebrating a twenty year career with happiness and joy, I can't even ask you to buy my very first book, and you may never get the chance to fall in love with Celia the way I have. 

I promise, she's fabulous.

I apologize in advance for typos, mispelling, and grammar fouls... I'm a little too emotional right now.


Katie Kelly said...

Never heard of this series... I will have to go digging. Oh darn, another excuse to go to Barnes and Noble once it opens. And oh lordy, is it really 5 minutes from work? *evil cackling* Catherine from FB Miss Roxy. ;)

Roxy Harte said...

Might have better luck online, just guessing...and please don't buy the ebook... xo

Niki said...

So sorry :( I read the series many many years ago and it is still my favorite series. I hope you are able to get the rights to your words back!!!

Roxy Harte said...

I have had my rights returned and will be rereleasing them in ebook and print over the next few months! Watch this page or find me on Facebook for updates! https://www.facebook.com/roxy.harte.9