Van Zant Siblings Series: Jessica

Van Zant Siblings Series: Jessica


Jessica MacKenna (Van Zant) Williams Bk 1: LEARNING TO BREATHE
The celebrated widowed wife of a hometown hero, Jessica leaves Boston for a fresh start in a Cape Hatteras beach house with her teen children. She never suspects to fall hard for her new boss, Joe, at the fish and beer shop where she bartends. When he accidentally triggers her need for rope, she needs a quick fix for a shibari addiction she’d believed herself long cured of.

A drunk dialing moment leads to her sister’s fiancé—a man who has tied her in the past—delivering Francisco, the man he considers to be a shibari-master perfect match, and Jessica has a great long weekend in and out of his rope. But then Francisco asks her to allow him to dominate her full-time.

Jessica runs scared and ends up in bed with Joe. When she shares her secret love of bondage, Joe insists she’s the victim of deviant men and he would offer her a normal, healthy love. Wounded by his misunderstanding, she runs again.

As if her sex life isn’t complicated enough, a case of mistaken identity catches her in the crosshairs of an assassin. While Jessica’s seeking sanctuary in Cincinnati for the holidays, her sister gifts her with a night with a shibari master who goes by the name of St. Nicholas. She quickly finds herself on the naughty list but will she also find a man willing to be the guy who makes her laugh, keeps her tied in knots, and give no demands for more?

Jessica MacKenna (Van Zant) Williams Bk 2: LEARNING TO BREATHE AGAIN
Determined to win her trust, Shibari Master Francisco calls Jessica twice a day every day. In a moment of weakness Jessica finally admits she wants to fulfill a promise she made to Francisco to allow him to help her heal from the traumas in her past. When Luc leaves Jessica with no date for an upcoming ball, Alexandra’s fiancé intervenes and arranges for Francisco to arrive in time to escort her to his and her sister’s wedding.

Finding herself alone at the ball, Jessica amuses herself until learning Shibari Master Francisco is on a flight from Curaçao leaves her on edge. As if that isn’t enough Joe, her boss in Cape Hatteras, unexpectedly arrives to confront her once again about her rope addiction, hoping to take her away from the deviant men and rope perversion she surrounds herself with--and convince her that she could find happily ever after with him in Normalville.

As Jessica’s travels take her from Cincinnati to Washington DC, Curaçao to Paris, will she finally drop all of her shields and allow the right man into her heart to help her heal her broken soul?

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