Characters from my Van Zant Sibling Series

Let me tell you about my Van Zant Sibling Series... let me say up front all of the titles are under contract but may not yet be available but coming soon and are in the production process so watch my page for updates... not yet available signified by *
BRIAN: it started as a single title about Brian, one of twelve siblings, is a coming-out story and tells about the betrayal of his husband who dallied with his twin... SURVIVAL INSTINCT
ALEXANDRA: when this uber-genius started whispering in my ear I thought single title, but then everyone fell in love with her. She’s OCD, ADHD, bi-polar, and a science genius...and such a beautiful mess. What was she thinking when a shot of tequila with her best mate turned into many shots and a menage a quatre on the bartop with his best mates...needless to say SURVIVING THE BIG MISTAKES had a lot of story and ongoing suspense... CONSEQUENCES OF THE BIG MISTAKES, LEARNING FROM THE BIG MISTAKES, SHIBARI PRESENCE, *HEALING FROM THE BIG MISTAKES, and *REVELATIONS OF THE BIG MISTAKES followed, and introduced Jessica.
JESSICA: the oldest, big sister to Alexandra and eleven brothers, is a war widow with two teenagers and a life do-over plan on the beach (perfect summer read, right?) not convinced? Sun, sand, shibari, and not one romantic interest but three! With screaming orgasms in decadent proportions: LEARNING TO BREATHE and *LEARNING TO BREATHE AGAIN
JULIAN and LIAM: inseparable brothers in life, livelihood, and libido... these two are two hot to handle and introduce my DDLG (age play) series: A LITTLE BEDTIME STORY... where you meet Koko, who is a 22 year old J-Pop Diva that wears Lolita fashions and big colorful wigs and stands only 4’8”, a dream come true baby doll ingenue (if you disapprove of spankings, Daddy-little girl sex games between consenting, unrelated adults, move on ) *Bk 1 A LITTLE INDULGENCE, *Bk 2 A LITTLE IN DANGER, *Bk 3 A LITTLE IMPULSIVE
This series is ongoing, there are six more siblings to meet! And this is one kinky family!

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