Are You On Goodreads?

All my books are listed at Goodreads and I've had a few readers from that site email me to say what they loved and didn't love about many of them. Fortunately the love is outweighing the negatives...and so far Cries of Penance is rating 4.5 stars!

Here is what Zoe had to say about the Chronicles of Surrender series:

I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to read this book, even though my classes resumed this morning at 8:30am... I am so glad I did. Here's my take on this series: 
Sacred Secrets AMAZING and a great intro into "the world"... 
Sacred Revelations PIVOTAL and RIVETING. Book 2 really develops the menage. Unholy Promises NECESSARY. Yes its a little jarring, we're sucked away from the menage for a moment but it shows us that Lord Fyre really does have two distinct lives... Echo of Redemption PROGRESSION. No relationship is stagnant. Haven't you ever wondered what happens after 'and they lived happily ever after?' This book really lets us in. What a roller coaster ride of emotion! Cries of Redemption CONCLUSION. I hate series with no end in sight. Roxy hasn't given me that. I feel completion, closure. That doesn't mean I will forget these characters...I will NEVER forget these characters.  and now I've learned there is a Book 6: Vow of Silence...not about the menage but set in the world of the menage. Is that disappointing? no way! I'm really looking forward to it. I think I've found my new favorite author. 
So if you are on Goodreads or Facebook, my two primary haunts these days, give me a shout out...or send me a friend request:) or you can email me directly, I'd love to hear what you think about my series the Chronicles of Surrender.

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