Another Awesome Review

This is what Tina at Two Lips Review had to say about SURVIVAL INSTINCT:

Roxy Harte has written a short but hotter than sin read with Survival Instinct.  I loved the character depth and chemistry these two have. In his state of mind, I felt a deep desire for Brian to resolve his problems and find a happy ending. He really deserves one. Tobias is a very interesting character too. His blend of Indian medicine man and modern day lover was a great blend that kept me reading as I wanted to know more about him.  I really enjoyed as well the way they used their love to overcome tragedy by making it into something healing and beautiful.  As much as Brian needed someone to love, so did Tobias.  Together, they are the perfect pair, balancing each other out.
The only complaint I have about this novel is it had to end.  I would really enjoy visiting Tobias and Brian again in the future to see where they are in a year or so.

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