Gray Outside, Sunny Inside

Ever wake up just feeling insanely optimistic? You know, a song in your heart, a smile on your face...even though its seven am, raining, and you only had four hours sleep? Yeah, I'm not usually that girl...but this morning...I don't know, I just feel invincible. And the rejection letter may have played a small part because all day yesterday I dwelled on what I want from my writing career...

Last night, I wrote out The Plan.
This morning, I am off and running...

Here's how the rest of 2009 should go if my writing stays on track:

The paranormal WIP, now has a working title: Dead Girl. The paranormal venture is going to have three books total and I plan to get out and hussle them the old fashioned way...find an agent, find a publisher...hopefully it won't take a decade, but ya know, I've got nothing but time. The other two stories in the series will be titled: BIG BAD and MOMMA GOOD. This series is going to be my driving focus for the rest of this year. (80K each)

In between paranormal drafts I've gotta get WIP Prodigal Slave finished and out the door...it's still at 42K, I'm shooting for 55k...Xandra, after last night's read advised 100k, calling it a Big Book. I'm still feeling 55K, maybe 60, 80 tops, but we'll see. I already sent out a query promising ASAP so I really gotta move on this one. (bdsm, erotica)

The secondary character from The Chronicles of Surrender, George aka Dr. Psycho, has his own story to tell and turns out it is a prequel to the series...so I hope to get it finished this year. Right now it is roughly at 20%. Still deciding where to send it though...I have my fingers crossed for a particular house and have already queried an editor who wants to see it. (80K, bdsm, erotica)

Yes, the fourth book of the Chronicles of Surrender is back in my thoughts and I'll be taking notes the rest of the year with it being a main focus by December. (80-90K, bdsm, erotica)

So, fewer small books...ie REAPER, VOYEUR, EDGE...but still room for one or two if I am so inspired...

Still have the big book LOVERS on a back burner, but sadly that baby is going to have to wait until 2010. I mean, all totalled, I'm looking at writing 400K just on what's listed...I know, divided by 8 months, roughly 50K per month, lofty goal, but I needed to start somewhere.

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