Where'd It Go?

Curious minds want to know:
What happened to the Chronicles of Surrenders links at Liquid Silver Books??

The Chronicles of Surrender were originally released by Liquid Silver Books...

They are being rereleased 2009-2010 by Lyrical Press. I am very excited about being represented by this small NY Press and will soon be able to hold a print copy in my hand.
**Author's edit:
I received an email inquiring about the fourth book in the series Echo of Redemption, asking when it would become available for those of you who are intently following the series. I believe I originally announced it would be this summer; however, since Lyrical Press is taking over publication of the series, the books will be released in order. Sacred Secrets should be released this summer followed approximately every four months by each that follows. The soonest Echo of Redemption will release will be Summer 2010.

I will continue to write for Liquid Silver Books and I have a paranoral coming soon titled REAPER.

In other news...I am in the process of updating my webpage.So, let me know what you think.

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