WIP Submitted

Whew! The latest WIP has been submitted...

Now, I can focus on my back burner which is bubbling over with WIPs. Deciding which to focus on is the problem. I have the paranormal monster, magic WIP Daughter of Darkness that could go horror...I have the yet unnamed paranormal werewolf romance...I have WIP Lovers, the BIG BOOK that I have been working on for eight months that is at 120K and nowhere near ending and falls somewhere between contemporary fiction, chick-lit, and erotica...I dare not call it literary fiction yet, but may have to face that truth when it hits 150K and I definitely see it doing that.

Actually, I think I'll take the weekend to mull it over since Sir Hotness will actually be in town AND we're celebrating his birthday before he goes out on the road for a week. Between trips he'll only be home for 36 hours (long enough for the Welcome Spring Party) before going out again, so I will have plenty of solitary time to focus and write which is making me feel like bringing the BIG BOOK forward to the main burner is a good idea.

Then there are a few short stories I'm playing with...

What is staying on the back burner for now:
WIP Frank's Garage (lesbian erotic romance)
WIP Perilous Rendezvous
WIP Prime
WIP Vow of Silence (George's stand alone story inspired by the Chronicles)
WIP Echo of Redemption (Book 4 of the Chronicles of Surrender)

Wow...looking at this list...I really don't think I have time to take a weekend off...geesh!

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