Getting Closer...

It seems like I've been working on the WIP Prodigal Slave forever but really it's just because I keep taking breaks to do work on other WIPs.

My fault entirely...but still frustrating. So, I still have two chapters to write to call this one done. And really, I am sooo excited about Prodigal Slave. It's one of my favorites. A little history: I wrote the first chapter as a short story about six years ago, tried to turn it into a novella for an anthology in January of this year but realized it was really meant to be full length...and so here we are, three months later still writing.

As the name implies Prodigal Slave is heavy on the D/s relationship with bondage, international travel and two French men to round out the tale. Oo-la-la.

Oh BTW forced rest is a good concept...I've been writing like crazy for two days.

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