Down...for now.

Today I woke up at eleven am and thought it was barely dawn. Removing my sleepmask proved it was day...looking at the clock was jarring. I rarely sleep. A nine hour sleep night is not a good sign...

Sir Hotness was home to witness the crash...

Luckily, he's a big boy and can entertain himself. I made it to the table by noon to slam two Pepsis. Took some vitamins and headed to the shower, ended up in the tub instead and woke up to the phone wringing at two in barely warm water. Torn between adding more hot water or trying to start the day over for a second time.

I opted for the latter and tried to read a book, but after reading the same page three times decided it was time to take another nap.

It's eight pm now and I am beginning to feel human but am making myself sleep tonight and giving my brain another day off tomorrow. Hopefully, Tuesday I will be back to normal.

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