A Fan Asked...

Yesterday one of my readers text me asking, "What's going on with Kitten? Where is she? What's she doing? When will we see her again?"

Well the easy question is that we last saw her in Unholy Promises...unraveling at the seams because she discovered she was pregnant...and babies, like plot development takes time...so Kitten is gestating...

With the release of Unholy Promises, the menage of Kitten, Garrett, and Thomas strengthened...lots of revelations and surprises...and the new characters Daniel and Eva were introduced, which still need resolution. Thomas's ex wife Latisha too seems to need closure. So I have a lot of plotting to wrap up the loose-ends of this menage...

Sacred Secrets and Sacred Revelations were both Garrett and Celia's (Kitten) stories. I always considered Unholy Promises to be (Thomas') Lord Fyres's story...

When I first envisioned The Chronicles I saw 5 stand alone books: Garrett's Story, Celia's Story, Thomas's Story, George's Story, and Jackie's Story; however my characters had different ideas...and thus the first three books have been the development of the menage...

Now, I am ready to get my series back on track (Kitten seems okay with this idea because she is leaving me alone to think about my secondary characters.)

The Chronicle that I am writing now is based around George Kirkpatrick, the professional dominant known as Dr. Psycho, and explores the relationship that destroyed him and thus rebuilt him... If you've been following the series you will know that George pre-Lewd Larry's days was a prominent psychiatrist. Here is how he was described in Sacred Secrets by Garrett:

Sacred Secret's Quote:
George Kirkpatrick is pacing and his pacing is making me insane. He is the calmest, most rational handler I have on staff, my Number One, and he is pacing the length of my office. His blond hair and preppy countenance make him seem better suited for the tennis courts of LA or the golf clubs of Solvang. But no, he will tell you that is his past; he gave up a very successful LA psychiatric practice to get lost in the fantasy, a time before he made fantasy real life.

So what experience could be so traumatic that a very successful, much acclaimed psychiatrist would leave his career, leave his life, to take refuge in a BDSM-Fantasy Club?

Well, of course it's a woman...
And I want you to meet her...

Want more about George's Story? I'll try to post an excerpt soon...but I think there must be some begging involved...don't make me flog you....mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha

So, I guess the full answer to my reader's question is: Kitten will be seen again.

Just not yet...not until all of the secondary characters have been developed as stand alone books:
George's Story will be the next release: titled: Vow of Silence

Still jelling in my brain are:
Morgana's story: Hallowed Screams
Daniel's Story: Echoes of Redemption
Jackie's Story: Transcendence

The way my brain sees it right now, the final book of the series will be the conclusion of the Garrett, Thomas, Celia menage: Whispers of Forgiveness.

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