So Many Social Networks...So Little Time

To write?
Or to Social Network?
That is bound to be the question on the minds of so many writers in 2009.

Admittedly, I've joined my share of social networking groups over the years...
Reddit-which btw if you have read Voyeur, please comment on reddit...this is my lastest venture into the land of social media circles and by far the most confusing lol
Fetlife - which btw is the best little BDSM networking/social site EVER...and where I hang for fun...and since you can only visit my page by being a member...go over pronto and sign up if you're even a little bit kinky inclined...
LinkedIn - under my RL name so if you find me yay...if not...oh well
and honestly a dozen other places I barely remember and hardly ever find my way back to...so the question killing every author out there, is does going to any of these places really increase sales anyway?

Because visiting them, updating them...and keeping up with all of the friends, and the cocktail hours, and save a places attached to hanging out...is insanely time consuming. And I don't know about other authors, but I really do need every spare minute to write (and maintain my blog cause that's my second favorite place besides being inside my own head creating worlds...)

Next question:
Forums...time waster or career creator?
Ok, not brave enough to face that one? Me either...

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