You Are Invited...To A Giggle Party

I was pleased and excited to get invited to a party...any kind of party...for the fact that my evenings have been spent solo while Sir Hotness has been out of town. The invitation read:

In an Age-Old Tradition
You are cordially invited to
The Gigglefest
A social Occasion for Special Ladies
to share Sinful Secrets and Decadent Desserts
By Invitation Only
No Men Allowed (Except Cabana Boyz)
Bring a decadent snack to share and singles($)for games

I'm not sure what I expected but I went prepared with a dozen shrimp and a bottle of Riesling. The forty plus women between the ages of 19 and 66 were as clueless as I since none of us had been to a Gigglefest before...

Of course, with alcohol flowing...decadent snacks...cute cabana boyz in little clothing catering to our every need...there was a lot of giggling going on...
You haven't lived until you've been fed snacks by cute boys (mmm) and waited on hand and foot and massaged...

And then Security showed up and asked us to "tone it down because management had had a complaint"... but then ... the music started and the Security Guard's uniform started coming off :-)

And then the handcuffs came out...

Mmmm...I think every Thursday night should be a Gigglefest...
The only downfall was that it was a Thursday night...and no sleeping in after so much alcohol...
Oy vey...There are parts of the night vaguely blurry...

I do remember a very cute girl in my lap for part of the evening who bestowed very sweet kisses...and a very exotic dirty dance with the lovely woman who asked me to have her baby a few years ago...and of course the stripper...who was VeRRRRRRa NiCe!

I may have to host a Gigglefest of my own this winter to warm up a cold Ohio evening...but I think I'll have it on a Saturday...just so I can sleep in on Sunday LOL

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