My Cover Art Is Here!

Yay! My cover art for Voyeur is here! I'm so excited:)
The cover artist is Croco Designs.

I don't have a release date from Loose-Id...but soon. Very, very soon. Come back tomorrow for a hot, steamy excerpt!

Here's the unofficial blurb:
Cynical-before-her-time corporate attorney A.J. Blessings has condemned herself to a life of watching instead of living. When she attends a steamy costume ball, she is kissed by a masked musician, Jonas, and sets off a series of events that will change her life forever.

Taking the bus home from work, she witnesses a couple having sex…and a third filming the exchange. She is intrigued, she is aroused. She is shocked to discover the videographer is her masked kisser and quite suddenly she has perfect companion for a sordid All Hallows BDSM Bash.

Joined by a mysterious friend, Michael, they set off on a journey that leads them across the countryside on a peeping-tom romp through hay-stacked barns, farmer's daughter's boudoirs and the kind of naughty games that can only be played in the countryside. It will take the efforts of both men to help her evolve from shy voyeur to daring exhibitionist.

But the greater journey lies in the secrets the men are keeping from her. Their play is dark and dangerous, and for one sadism isn’t a game at all…it’s an illness.

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