The Faithful...

On Susan's suggestion, I am looking for The Faithful by Carla Dickens. I was intrigued when I found out that it is a novel set against the backdrop of the Democratic primary campaign inside the Obama camp (with fictional staffers;)

Here's the excerpt that was also highlighted on Susan's Blog, Sexy Prime:

A tiny excerpt, in the voice of Thomas, the amusing gay narrator, who is here eavesdropping on the action behind closed campaign office doors:

Behind one door, I heard Caroline’s throaty gurgle and the muffled sounds of Reggie, face surely in her pussy. (Who says black men don’t go down?) Pink tongue on pink flesh.

Their rule is: No intercourse in public places. And behind another door, Chloe’s louder moans, Evan’s heavy groans that made me imagine I could feel his balls slapping against my ass - and the sound of the desk thumping rhythmically beneath the force of their banging. I guessed Chloe was bent over the desk with Evan entering from behind.

My dick grew hard at the thought of his member, thick and hard, pulling out, thrusting in, glistening, gleaming like polished marble.

“Yes!” Chloe screamed.

So, now the search is on...Amazon seems fastest and easiest with small children in the house...


If you read it before I get my copy, let me know what you think...

Of course I will definitely let you know what I think:)

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