You May Have Noticed ...

There is a link on my sidebar to FetLife, an online community that I joined when it was first started...January 2008...so it's still a baby...but wow...the excitement there! It is also getting noticed around town:

Here's what Jane’s Guide had to say about it:

"Take a moment and imagine a leather Facebook or Myspace, and then imagine it being run by and for kinky folks. That is exactly what Fetlife is! It is the coolest new community site out there for pervs, and it is absolutely 100% free.

I had been hearing the buzz about this new spot on the web from a few of my lifestyle friends, and I finally decided to go set up an account and take a look myself. Many years ago I had been on other sites that promised community and allowed free communication, but since those sites have sold to other companies their soul has left the building and communication costs money. It is also communication that is no longer under the nurturing ownership of perverts with a personal interest in our tribe. I’d lost interest, and so had most of my friends. I was hoping that this site could be some of what I was missing on the old ones.

Wow, I wasn’t disappointed! I immediately ran into some of my old friends, and then ran off to recruit new ones. It is easy to sign up. Once you have, then you set up a profile. You can add pics to it, and you’ll never run into that “you have to have such and such membership” to view pics or show them to others. There are social groups here with ongoing forum conversations, so you can sign up for topics that interest you (or create your own groups). There is a mail system that acts like a personal bulletin board for private conversations, so you don’t lose track of what has been said to anyone. You can post writing, see what your friends are doing, and a lot more. A lot of talented pervs are posting writing and engaging in conversation here. I’ve met a lot of new friends.

There is a small amount of advertising, but it is done really tastefully and never gets in the way. You can write to the folks that run the site, and they will actually write you back. I’ve been in love with this place and raving about it for the last several weeks. This is one of the few sites that didn’t ask for review. I sought out the owner and asked him if I could post one. It is that good. I feel like I’m giving you guys an early Christmas gift. Go check it out! This is the next big kinky community site! They are going to be huge, and they will stay huge as long as they keep the spirit that they have now. - Vamp"

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