It Just Goes To Show...

For the record, if you are going to handcuff a Mormon Missionary to your bed and keep him as a sex slave...get it in writing that you have permission to do so...

Thirty years ago a woman was accused of stalking, kidnapping, and sexually assaulting a man. She escaped prosecution (the details are a bit blurry)...Thirty years later she is back in the news...but that damn BDSM story just won't stop hounding her (that's a pun related to the story...haha...I know, I was never meant to be a comedian)

So, it just goes to show that if you are going to be in a relationship that includes...say handcuffs and forced orgasms...and that is not to say that this particular woman wasn't guilty of crimes...it is only saying that it is human nature to lie your way out of shameful situations...be prepared to be represented by the press as being a fiend.
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On to cheerier news...
Sir Hotness called from his business trip and told me he would be coming home a day earlier than expected...which means we will have 48hrs together instead of 24 before he flies out for another two weeks...YAY!
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I am writing...double yay...WIP is currently at 8K, hoping for 15K by night's end...
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Lord Fyre is coming! Woot!
Monday! Monday! Monday!

And in celebration I am posting a few excerpts throughout the day tomorrow...first glimpses of Lord Fyre through the eyes of Sacred Secrets...

And today?
The very first mention of Lord Fyre, seen as Thomas, Garrett Lawrence's best friend and business partner...from Garrett's POV:

I check my hand for steadiness as I lift the glass of Scotch to my lips.

From the shadows, Thomas grabs my hand and reprimands me soundly. “Dead brain cells don’t feel. Life is about feeling.”

I had forgotten he was in the room with us. I think he does it on purpose, blending in with the furniture, not moving, waiting until he’s forgotten, so that when he pounces it is a shock. I glare at him impatiently until he releases my wrist so that I can take a long swallow.

a page later they are in the conference room, meeting with the head of security...going through the file documenting Tony's death...and studying the latest death threat aimed at Garrett:

From the corner of my eye, I see Thomas slide off the table. A razor blade flashes across one of the photos of Tony before any of us can react. And then another. An expensive butane lighter arcs brilliant blue in Thomas’ hand. He holds the four-inch flame against the photo halves that contain the heads. Tony’s face. His eyes are glazed; his mouth is grimaced until, with quick ignition, they turn to ash...“He wants you to see this,” Thomas hisses, ignoring George and waving one of the mutilated body images before my nose. “Forget the who. Look at what he wants you to see.”

Acid erupts from my stomach, searing the back of my throat. I jerk my face away, forcing myself to not vomit.

“Look, all I’m saying is that he wants you to see something specific.” His words are mumbled, distracted. I glance toward him and see that he is sitting on the edge of the table again, eating the remaining half of the club sandwich he didn’t finish before the meeting. He gulps Pepsi from a can. The pictures don’t affect him in the least and I am continually amazed by his ability to divide his mind. Emotion. No emotion.

I think there was a time when I could do that, but it is so far away right now, it is only a distant memory of who I might have been.

George fidgets then sits. “So, Lord Fyre, are you going to keep us in fucking suspense all night? Or are you going to reveal your thoughts?”

Okay, so it’s going to get ugly now. There is no longer time for niceties and birth names. It’s time to cut the crap. Thomas ignores George and stalks over to me. “See it for what it is.”

I see the blue flame, feel its heat along my jawbone, but it is quick, too quick to do damage; yet, he has my undivided attention. I stare at the blue flame still so near my face as he hisses, “Whatever happened to Ice? Whatever happened to that man who was one of us? Lewd is soft. Lewd couldn’t control Beast. Beast wouldn’t even recognize Lewd.”

I flinch at the sound of Tony’s slave name. It’s been a long time since any of us have used it. The flame is drawn along the underside of my jaw again. This time the heat is close enough to sear hair. I wait for the burn but it doesn’t come. I hope my disappointment doesn’t show.

“You were the best student I ever had, Ice. You were more like me than any of the others...”
He talks and I am mesmerized, transported back into time, once more Ice, if only just for a moment. Fyre lifts his palm, stiff and ready. The other hand shoots the blue flame into his waiting flesh. His palm burns mere inches from my face, I can smell the burning flesh, but he doesn’t even flinch.

“Ice, see what I see.” The flame vanishes and screaming scarlet skin glares at me. I blink and turn to the pictures.

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