Whew...it's finally here:)
And am I ever impatient....

Here is the link to Liquid Silver Book's New Release page and I know it should be listed by 7pm EST...which is (for me right this second) a distant 12 hours away...but today is the day and so I will sit anxiously anticipating the moment it hits...as I hope...are you.

As promised I will be putting up Lord Fyre excerpts...throughout the day...starting now with this excerpt that shows the day Garrett met Thomas:

I was still new to San Francisco then, but had managed to get myself invited to a munch: a chance for sadomasochists to chat, snack, meet like minded individuals, and in some cases, link up to play.

We’d congregated at a Malibu beach house that seemed destined to topple with the first drop of rain. But it was a big, sprawling ranch that offered both mingling areas and private rooms. I had just arrived when he introduced himself as Thomas, a rarity at such meetings where stage names are more often used, and I responded, “Garrett.” That I, too, had used my birth name seemed to please him. He smiled. A good-natured, candid smile. I would later find out that such a smile rarely ever surfaces.

“Well, Garrett, are you here to eat—or play?”

There was something about his manner. He was a leader among men, not a bystander in any sense of the word. He had olive skin, shoulder-length dark hair and he sported a goatee. Tufts of thick dark hair poked out from beneath the rounded edge of his t-shirt collar, leading me to believe he had an abundance of chest hair. His eyes held intelligence and perhaps a bit of unholiness, sparking a primal lust in me stronger even than the lust prompted by Tony; but Tony wasn’t there, not physically, though always lingering somewhere in the back of my brain.
Young, horny, daring...I was more than ready for an adventure, and if Thomas promised nothing else, he would prove to be an adventure.

Since he had taken the lead, I assumed he would Top. It never occurred to me that he might be a gay basher, or a threat of any kind, even though I had at first figured him for straight, perhaps bi. At that point, it didn’t matter because he had all the right attributes to inspire my baser instincts—bulging muscles, audacity, arrogance, and an unnamable sensuality, a charisma that one doesn’t find everyday.

I am tall, six foot, maybe a little more. He stood a head taller than I and it didn’t seem to bother him in the least that I had rocked back on my heels, sizing him up. His self-confidence in itself was erotic.

I leaned forward then and whispered, “Let’s play.”

He nodded at that and, matching my mannerisms, leaned forward before saying, “Then let’s rock. But not here. Does that make you nervous, Garrett?”

“Not really. Do you have someplace special in mind?” I answered with a nonchalant shrug that made him chuckle.


So we left the munch in separate cars and I followed his roaring black Firebird in my staid blue Honda to a deserted stretch of beach. Even if I was concerned at this point, I maintained my stance of bored indulgence. This seemed to only amuse him more. I crossed my arms and watched him pull what appeared to be a small suitcase from the trunk of his Firebird.

“Toys,” he offered before leading me into the darkness. A rolling fog engulfed us in her embrace. We resurfaced beside some battered wood pilings, the remains of a long-gone pier. He set down his case of toys and opened it. Now, I have to admit, at this point my blood must have thinned, because I know I wasn’t getting enough oxygen to my brain. And before this moment, I had never thought a mere mortal man could scare me—and maybe fear at this point was too harsh a term, even though my heart was racing and my palms were sweaty. I will say I was definitely nervous. Okay, okay, scared shitless to be exact.

“Strip for me, Garrett.”

The command was sudden, no small talk about the gray clouds or swirling tide, and I was just as instantly mesmerized by the sensual charisma of his voice.

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