First Unholy Promises Review!

From Mrs. Giggles...who btw does not like BDSM...who knew? She scored Unholy Promises with a 78 I think based on that distaste...but said something that I thought was very nice, "I find myself very riveted by the first few chapters, drawn into them by the emotional intensity of the very damaged antiheroes narrating these chapters." and this, "At the end of the day, I am not the right audience for Unholy Promises. Still, the parts about Thomas and Eva really intrigue me and leave me yearning for more of them so Ms Harte can get me reeled into her story should she come up with something more to my liking one of these days."

I don't know why, but Mrs. giggles left me smiling...maybe it's that part of me that makes me tick, makes me want to write. I love challenging peoples boundaries, but even more I love for readers to fall in love with my characters even though they challenge a boundary or a conception or a prejudice. So, I think all in all this was an outstanding review because it made me fell good and happy inside.

Someone else who made me feel good and happy inside? Rosemary, one of my readers who wrote:(I've cut off the end of her email because it held "spoilers")...
"I LOVED the book. I think what I enjoyed most about it is the way you poignantly showed that love is messy, raw, at times painful, and never fits into a compartmental box tied up with a neat bow. Some times it doesn't even match the ideals we've put around it, like in Thomas' case. But that being said, just because it isn't "neat" and "orderly", it doesn't make it less real, less grand, or perfect in its imperfection..."

Have I mentioned I LOVE HEARING FROM MY READERS??? I do!
So thank you for the email R!

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Xandra Gregory said...

Hey, a 78 from Mme. Y So Srs is nothing to sneeze at. Way to go Rox!