Dear Ex...

I ran across a story on CarolineDivine this morning (written by Freya Linden), one woman's letters to her exes...and it made me smile, because really, don't we all have such a stack of letters lying around our minds? Or is it just me?

Apropos following my evening last night and several random text messages from one of my own exes...I would have accused him of drunken texting...but while we were dating...he didn't drink. Although I've heard from other sources that the woman he dated after me cured him of his aversion to the stuff. From what I've heard...that particular woman would have driven any man to drink...but that is not my story to tell...

So what is it about the ex that makes them so fond in our mind...after we dump them? (I'm sorry that was a cold way of putting it...but true)

I mean the writer of the article went all the way back to third grade...come on...I mean sure I remember Sean, we climbed trees together...he was my first kiss...but did he affect who I am today? Shrug.

There was the girl in junior high who was the first to ever let me see her naked...sigh.

No, the first ex that really helped mold and shape me would come years later...junior year...and the only reason he made an imprint on my life at all was because he introduced me to my body and together we discovered that pain did it for me...smile.

And that's the end of my list that makes me feel anything even slightly resembling sweet thoughts that could potentially go into a thank you note to an ex.

After that?
The guy who dumped me for a stripper named Candy...absolutely nothing nice in my thoughts about him because even though he was my first love, I obviously wasn't his...
The first ex-husband...and honestly during my own drunken moments I can wallow through the emotional overload of merely remembering him to find the happy places we once shared and if I could stop crying long enough there might be a letter.
The second ex-husband...nope nada...no happy letter for him.
The first guy after the second ex husband...hmmm...yep...I actually physically sent him a letter...
The second guy after the second ex husband...and the drunken dialer last night...I really can't think of a single thing I'd put in a letter except maybe to reiterate all of the information that led to him being the ex in the hopes that he could actually find and keep a girl at some point in his future...but not holding my breath on that any longer than the time I spent thinking he might change for me.

Which brings me to my current husband...and to thank him for everything I could possibly thank him for to date would take volumes...which is why I have no intention of ever letting him become an ex...I need to save my writing skills for the super hot erotica my readers expect...
Like the Chronicles of Surrender.
or Dom/sub.
or Control.

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