Good Grief...Today I'm Waiting For The Aliens To Show Up

Today couldn't get any odder if aliens landed...well maybe if the double penised horned, red-skinned aliens from Xandra's book Alien Communion showed up for tea and a lesson in rope bondage...but then I'd just have to tell them to come back in May for the Big Rope Conference because today ... because, I'm just too busy to be tied up or probed...

For example, I have been playing peek-a-boo with the almost one year old granddaughter for over half an hour...and she's not bored yet ... as a matter of fact, when the blanket stops covering her head for more than what she considers appropriate play lag ... she screams bloody murder...

The three year old granddaughter is so engrossed in Paramont Picture's Barnyard that the house could burn down and she wouldn't notice ... I can understand completely. I was totally reduced to mush when Ben The Good Cow Died and the barnyard had a very touching funeral service.

During the Peek-A-Boo, Funeral Moment, a very important realestate investor called and I was trying to talk him through a contract negotiation, save a deal, and arrange a meeting for later in the day... Yes, there was so much drama that he suggested he fax the contract over and stick an earnest money check in the mail ... I'm feel very unprofessional but the one year old is not screaming. Yeah for me.

I have four hours data entry beaconing from the table top and I'm watching The Barnyard ...AGAIN ... which is actually an improvement since Nemo has played through twice as well and I needed a break from "just keep swimming, just keep swimming...)

How did I end up in this predicament?

You guessed it ... leather clad, flogger yielding Roxy is a pushover. The oldest came to make sure that I was okay (had not lost my mind) since I was getting married to a man I barely know ...and deciding that I am in fact sane ... decided I am also capable of babysitting for a few hours...

I was sane... pre-baby dropoff.


crowwoman / rhian said...

Smothering the laughter... nuthin like a dose of babies before getting married.

It's what - two days and counting, yes? Your adoring public will of course expect to see wedding pics.

Got Xandra's book yesterday when i bought yours and TA's... uh, and Darr's and Jayelle's. (So, I read fast.) Enjoyed it muchly. Reading "No Going Home" right now and it's simply beautiful and touching and damn can TA write. Saving yours for last so i can enjoy it while i'm outa town this weekend doing some judging.

If i don't get a chance to chat again before the BIG DAY - best wishes and blowing kisses to you and Sir Hotness!

Roxy Harte said...

If every bride had a dose of babies prewedding...wedding nights might become a thing of the past!!